Multicoloured flowers

After my first try at combing two different colours of scrap quilling strips in my previous flower design, I got another idea of combing 5 different colours of scrap quilling strips in one flower. The idea came about when I was packing my multicolour shredded quilling paper. I have 5 different colour packs and I made 5 different coloured flowers using colours from each pack. I even made a flower from the multicolour green quilling strip pack! haha! First time ever making a flower using different shades green colour.

The shape of the petals are a bit different from the previous flower design. I made the marquise shape instead of the teardrop shape. I like both shapes the same. No favourites. :) Each shape is special in it's own way. 


Dr Sonia S V said…
Simply Stunning and your photography is fantastic!

kiddo said…
These flowers are looking great, Lin! Love them! And for sure each shape is special, would be hard to chose from them:) But I can say the black one is my favorite!
Mihaela said…
Beautiful flower! Love the colors!!!
Philippa said…
Stunning! I love the multi-coloured effect.
Nicoleta Ilie said…
How did the flowers? is nice, nice
k@rin said…
love it.

I'm trying to make them also, but I have troubles with it.

Can you make a tutorial of the flowers? How you combine the coulours?

Antonella said…
So pretty, as always! Hugs, antonella -)
Thank you so much everyone for visiting and for all the lovely comments!

I will try to make a tutorial of it soon. :) It's not that hard to make, just join pieces of different coloured quilling strips at any size you like and comb it with a hair comb or quilling comb. Will try my best to make the tutorial ya! :) Have patience hihihi!
there gorgeous, love the multi colors, would love to see a tutorial on them, sometimes its easier to see how its made, thanks for sharing your wonderful works!!!
My God! This is breathtaking! I tried something similar eons ago but it never even looked 1% this pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Aishah, Patrycja, Paula and Pritesh!! :) Appreciate your lovely comments! :)

I hope to be able to make the tutorial someday when I'm less busy with work. Been so busy lately, didn't have the time to do the tutorial yet...huhuhu
Lin you are on to something....these are beautiful
Jyoti Agrawal said…
These r really beautiful. Difficult to wait on trying this. If u can tell me really soon how to make it. Or give us any link which u referred may be.
Anita Kumar said…
Beautiful flowers and fabulous color combinations !
Giftarts said…
lovely flowers!!! beautiful colours... photography too good...
Various designs can be made out of shredded paper strips. Doing this kind of activity is really fun because you can create many beautiful pieces of art.
Nati said…
beautiful flowers and colours!!
Nati from Brazil
Thank you so much everyone for all the lovely comments. Perhaps one day I can do a tutorial on this :)

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