Combing two tone flowers

As you can all see........yes, truly, deeply I'm absolutely addicted to this quilling comb tool nowadays :D, I can't help it. I don't know when is it going to wear off......hopefully not anytime soon haha. I happen to stumble upon another design in the net when I was doing my research on the quilling comb technique and I saw some images of the flowers with two colors in it. That really caught my eye! I kept wondering how do I do it??? I couldn't find any video tutorials on how to do it so I kept experimenting on my own until I found the way. 

It's actually quite simple. The concept is the same like the looping technique whereby you glue two different colours of quilling strips together at the ends and off you go and use the quilling comb to slip the strips each colour at a time through the quilling comb. I haven't the chance to do a tutorial on this yet but will do so when I have the time. :)

I love the blank cards I got from my friend Sandi and I used them to decorate the quilled items on it. I really adore the gold frame around it. :) Such a small cute card, suitable for using as a thank you card or just a note card. I wonder where can I buy cards like that here in Malaysia.....does anyone know? 

Below are a couple more cards I made combining two colours of quilling strips for the flower. :)

I'm not sure if you can see clearly here in this cascading loop technique the two different tone of pink quilling paper combined in one. One is cyber pink and the other is fluorescent pink. One darker shade and the other is lighter. I just love this particular technique the best :).


Dr Sonia S V said…
You are a wonder with your comb-- most inspirational combing work I have seen!
Awsome flowers, love the pinks, also like the leaves, nice work!!!
Sathya said…
Hi Azlina....

Am a regular visitor of ur blog from Taiwan...i loved all ur creative u r...I must admit....u r one among those who inspired me to love quilling and card making....Kudos to U
Am ur new follower....

Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments! ;)

Thank you Sathya for following me! I'll visit your blog soon! :)
kak lin, these are so beautiful!! nice colour combination :D
Hi As!! Thank you dear...glad you like it! ;)I love making these's so much fun! ;)
Charity Cards said…
Is this ribbon? This is gorgeous - it would be awesome as paper as well. I'm always on the look for unique holiday greeting cards. Awesome images too!
No it's not's paper. Thanks! :)

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