Sneak peek!

This is a sneak peak of what I've been up to lately. Carving out some words using my beloved craft knife hehehe.....I drew out some letters and formed words on paper using my new lettering template that I got from my visit to KL a month ago.This is the first time I get to try it out. Yes, I'm playing with my new toy and using it for work hehehe! 

I did all this carving for an order I got a month ago.  My customer is so patient with me. She's been waiting so long for this card. Truth is, the card she ordered is almost done, in fact it's 90% done and I'm just doing some finishing touches to it before posting it to her. This is just a sneak peek of the process. I'll blog about it once it's all done and posted.

Oh by the way.......I'm having some problems with my computer again. It's now at the computer shop for checkup and probably have to get it reformatted huhuhu.......I surely hope it can be saved! Currently I am now using my aunt's laptop for blogging and for work. Luckily she can lend it to me.....otherwise, I don't know how I'm going to get my work done with my computer still at the shop. It will probably take days to get it fixed. :(

Ok, that's all for now from me............will post photos of the completed card here soon! Till then!! :)


wow, cutting those letters out looks hard and need a steady hand, nice work, cant wait to see the finish card!!!
Cards by Cheryl said…
Oh you've taken the plunge of paper cutting. Looks like you go the hang of it already. Ican't wait to see the finished card.

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