Ketupat on bookmarks




I was requested to make 3 paper beaded bookmarks recently. My customer was interested in a bookmark design I made long ago from my Anilza Beads blog. The bookmark has a name on it and some shapes of stars scattered on it too. All carved out by hand. Check it out at the link HERE.

So I did a similar design for the 3 bookmarks she requested with 3 different names and colour combinations. My customer also requested that I added a ribbon ketupat at the back of the bookmark and leave some space below it for her to write some wishes on it. So I thought why not paste a small piece of paper below the ketupat for her to write on because the colour of the bookmark is quite dark and it would be difficult to see the wordings on it if she writes on it using a regular pen unless she has a special light coloured ink pen. So that's the reason for that small piece of paper below the ribbon ketupat :).

I have to say I had fun making those ribbon ketupats last night. I haven't made any since last year. ;) So this was a fun little project eheheheh :).


Fa'izah [eqin] said…
that was awwwwwwesooooomeeeee!!! ketupat akak sgt comey!!!!!!! btw,faizah ada try wt beaded bookmark *sje2 wt utk kegunaan sendri* but akak nyer ikatan hujung tuh kemas u have any tips on doing that? huhuhu *teringin nk try wt ketupat tuh tp npe akak nyer nmpak timbul ea? huhuhu *
love them, the beads and ribbon really add a nice touch!!!
Thank you everyone for your comments! ;) Appreciate it so much!

Fa'izah...ikatan hujung tu akak ikat cam biasa jer...tarik ketat2, tu je laa hihi.....ketupat ribbon tu, dia nampak kembung/timbul mungkin sebab akak gamkan ribbon tu pada kertas 4 segi kat hujung2 ribbon tu jer dan bukan pada bahagian anyamannya... :)
Fa'izah [eqin] said…
oh,ok...hehehe keep up the good work kak! =D
= d = said…
thank dear.. i masih belum tengok lagi the bookmarks.. but from here dah nmpak cantik sgt..!!

i really love it..!!

thank u so much..!!

BestHandMade said…
Very nice bookmark. Love it!
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! ;)

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