Happy 33rd Birthday


I've been having issues with my computer for a while now but I didn't want that to effect my work and alhamdulillah so far everything is under control. I managed to get all my orders done on time. This is the last handmade card order for this month and soon I'll be able to concentrate on other projects at hand. Yes! Yes! Yes! Can't wait to start on the other projects hehehe. :)

I'm not really good at making cards for the guys.....as you all know by now, most of my designs are very girlish hehehe. So it's always a bit difficult for me when I have to design a card that needs to look manly. My customer did request that the card should be in colours like black, red and gold colours so I combined all those three colours for this birthday card. I used my metallic gold card stock which I love so much and add in the other two colours to it. 

I decided to use ribbons and beads to decorate the card with. I love using this technique to mix and match a few types of ribbons together. And adding those beads to it too really does adds a special touch. The black polka dots were glued on the metallic gold card stock one by one. I marked the places where the dots should be and glued those paper polka dots on it. Frankly I love doing that.....just love looking at it when it all comes together.

My customer wanted me to use a similar pop up from the HB059 card design for this birthday card and so I did, but I changed the color combination to match the colours of the card and I also changed the wordings on the big pop up heart. I've also done another similar pop up pattern at this V022 card...you can click on the links at the card codes to view the cards :). So this is the 3rd time I've done this type of pop up and I realised how patient I need to be to glue all those tiny hearts on the pop up heart one by one. It took me hours to get it done. I've forgotten what feels like to do it since I haven't made this type of pop up in a very long time. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the design and hopefully my customer feels the same way too! ;)


really nice details, he will love it!!!
Eenzy Beenzy said…
Awesome card Lin :)
Hope your computer gets fixed soon! I know how frustrating it gets!
Thank you Paula and Shruti!!

I hope my computer gets fixed soon too! :) So difficult to work without a computer around huhu
Meg said…
This is just an amazing birthday card and even the envelope. Perfect!

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