Red theme quilled butterfly and quilled hearts


Red theme quilled butterfly bookmarks with tiny quilled hearts :). A request I got from my customer who wanted me to combine a quilled butterfly and tiny quilled hearts in one bookmark. One for herself and the other for her loved sweet hehe. Both bookmarks has their names engraved at the back of it as well. I cut out their names by hand. :)

These bookmarks have a different function. Not for marking books but for her to hang it in her car and  in his car as well......hang them at the top view mirror hehehe. That is why I tied the ribbons with a knot at the ends that way. Not sure if the length of the ribbon is enough though to go through the top view mirror. I  forgot to check these things out before I tied the ribbons to the bookmarks. Sigh.....hope it works out...

I love the paper I used for the back of the bookmark. It's a dark gray metallic paper. Love the way it shines when it hits the light. And it sure does have a good contrast with the red color too. Loving it! :)


ARREYR said…
comeeeeel!!! :))
Thank you Paula and Arreyr! :) Appreciate your comments very much! :)

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