MU theme birthday card


Recently I received another MU theme birthday card request from a customer who liked my HB072 card  that I did last year with a Chelsea FC theme. The colors were more to their team had dark blue, red and black plus the white too. You can view the HB072 card at the link HERE.

So all I had to do was just change the colors to the MU team color like red, yellow, black and white. I tried my best to make the pop up guy inside look like the one I did before but it didn't come out the way I want ed never does actually hehehe. I'm just not good at making looks kinda sad in this one compared to the one I did last year which looked more cheerful with his face expression. huhu...

I like the stripes on the card...... :) all because I was able to use my metallic, glittering gold paper how it shines when it hits the light. :)

Have a look below of a sample of the card design in this video. You can view how the guy pops up inside the card ;).



I think it turned out very nice!!!
:) Thank you so much Paula! Glad that you think so...I thought it should look a little more cheerful on the face though :).

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