Pink and blue love birds


Gosh....I don't know how many times I've been making these love birds this month. Quite a lot actually hehe! The white ones....the red ones and now....the pink and blue ones :). This is actually a request from my customer who adored the wedding love birds card. She loved the design so much but she wanted the birds to be in soft pink and soft blue, she wanted me to add those quilled hearts at the top, just like the ones I did for the cupcakes card a while back. My customers do have their own ideas and love to combine some of my designs designs from card A combined with designs from card B for instance hehe. But I loved the idea otherwise I wouldn't have agreed to do it :).

It's a very simple pop up inside at all.....just a paper inserted inside for my customer to write in her own wishes. I've actually done pink and blue love birds before but the pink and blue paper I used were a bit darker than this one. I think I prefer this soft colors compared to the darker ones I've used before. This is sweeter hehe. :)


Katrin said…
Красиво! очень романтично получилось!
Fa'izah [eqin] said…
wow!! cepat sungguh masuk blog...hehehehe can't wait to get this card!! =) -faizah-
They are gorgeous, love the light blue and pink!!!
Ineskowa said…
Hi:) I love the little birds they are nice
Thank you all for your lovely comments! I'm so happy you love the card :)

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