Love birds and weaving hearts


:) what can I say....the love birds are a favourite right now and here is another request from a customer who wanted this design to be combined with one of my pop up design I did long ago. She wanted the card to be bigger and the pop up to be like the one I made for Mother's day. You can view the design at the link HERE.

As you can see....the difference in the pop up is the colors. I had to change the colors to match the color of the card. So there is a lot of red colors used for this design. Different shades of red. :)

The card looks so empty on the outside....a  lot of space. I was thinking of doing the design again for her but still thinking of how to go about it. I thought of making the birds bigger in size but, looks like it's not possible even though the card is bigger because it just doesn't seem right if I did. It won't be able to fit in anyways....unless it's arranged horizontally instead. 

Well...I'll just have to keep on trying...experimenting with this design.....hopefully I'll find a new idea to make it look complete :).


Fa'izah [eqin] said…
maybe akak ley wrote something kt space bwh tuh....or wat mcm tree branches plak ke...huhuhu maaf laa,konon2 bg idea....happy experimenting! =)
love the pop up inside of card!!!!
Mano said…
just awesome..... no words to express....!
mimie96 said…
salam kak, suke laa kad ni..simple design.ada identiti..
Thank you so much everyone for all the lovely comments! ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi Azlina

Do you still do this love bird cards?
If yes, please quote to me. My email is



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