Big red heart


Another combination from 2 different cards I've made sometime ago. The design of the card is from V046. The original is actually all dark red in color including the heart. But my customer wanted the card to be in black instead. So I did as per request. 

The pop up inside is from the card V014. I tried to do it exactly as the original as I can.  I did that design way back in 2009. I haven't done this design again in a long time :). So it took me a while to figure it out how to do it again...hehehe....but luckily I managed to remember how it's done.

I even made changes with the envelope......I used to make the envelopes for this size of card a little differently. But now I've made some alterations to it to make it more suitable for the card. I like how the big red heart looks on the black card. Love the contrast. :)


very nice, and I like the pop out, the red heart does look good on the black, nice job!
Katrin said…
Красивое сердце!!!
Ineskowa said…
This beautiful heart. I like most in your work these elements into the middle notes.
Trend Square said…
Wow!! Simply Amazing!!

You make such beautiful cards :D

I too have an online store for handmade jewelery, cards and stuff. :)
risanur said…
bole tanya tak bape RM kalu satu keping kad macam gini ye??
Thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments! Appreciate it so much! ;)
Risanur....kad macam ni RM20.00 a piece.

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