Sunday, January 16, 2011

Big smile!

I have a big smile on my face today.... :) and one of the many reasons why I have a big smile on my face today is because for the first time ever, I got a handmade thank you card from one of the winners of my blog giveaway! Yay!! It's from Miss Fairuz Farhana from Craft Anggor :).

She made a thank you card for me using the quilling technique and also a technique that I would also love to explore more which is sewing on paper. I've tried sewing on paper years ago but I added beads and sequins to it as well. Never tried to do wordings before using this technique. So it's something that I would love to try out this year. :)

Thank you so much Fairuz for taking the trouble to make this lovely card for me and also making your own envelope from scratch. I'm so happy to receive this card from you. Words cannot express any further how happy I am.....God bless you dear! ;)

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farhi said...

w0w, da smpai... malu lak, just a simple handmade card je, but u praise me a lot...

kembang semangkuk..



Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

hehehehe! Thanks again Fairuz...I really appreciate it! :)

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