Teddy bears in love...


:) I have a big smile on my face as I am blogging about this new quilled teddy bear card because one of the teddy bears is wearing a TIE!!! hahaha!! Funny isn't it?? But I like it anyways :). I just didn't know what else to put on it and suddenly I thought of a tie....a black tie to match it with. Made from black paper which I cut out using plain scissors of course. Just a simple looking tie :).

I made this card for a customer of mine who wants to give it to her future hubby on her wedding day hehehe. Hope she likes it. Otherwise I would have to think of another design for her...hehehe. :))

I filled up the card with the teddy bears and all......so much so that there is no space for the wordings.......then I thought of stamping the wordings inside and added two cute little hearts of red and blue to symbolize the two lovely couple :). 


As Ahmad said…
lovely! :D love the tie and love the two little heart shapes inside the card ♥ sweet sangat ^^
fathiah said…
wah.... canteekkk nye :) suke2
Jackie said…
i tried to quill the teddy and it was s disaster, the coil kept unrolling. do you use one long strip of paper or keep adding strips as you go on?
Terima kasih Fathiah :)

Jackie....I use one long strip of paper to make that big coil. What I did was I glued a few strips of paper to make one very long strip and then roll that very long strip of paper into one big coil. Gotta be careful when rolling it...roll it slowly ok...Sometimes it would unroll too in my case...that's why you gotta do it slowly, hold it carefully ya. Good luck!

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