Saturday, October 16, 2010

September 2010 prizes posted!

Alhamdulillah.....after struggling to get all the 9 pieces of cards for the giveaway done this week, I managed to post 5 of them today to the 5 lucky winners. I still have 4 more that I have not posted because I didn't get any respond from 4 other winners since I last contacted them.  But I checked again this evening and saw 2 more that responded....yay! So that means there are 2 more who didn't. I wonder why.......don't they want the prize? Or perhaps, they just couldn't reach me. :( Oh well.......I really hope they would contact me as soon as possible to claim their prize.

The other 2 winners who have not contacted me is:   ENOL and DESPERATE MAMA

Please ya respond to my emails and give me your details.

Thank you all!
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Cute MuM said...

yyeye.. xsabar nak tunggu kad sampai kat rumah.. TQ..

fathiah said...

best nye dapat kad freee,,, :) said...

me too...x sabar..x kasih kak lin..hehe..

nur said...

bagi saya je la.. hikhik.. x cube contact derang ke

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Nur....saya dah email semuanya....cuma tinggal lagi dua orang yg belum reply my emails...huhu

Emmy...your welcome :)

Cute Mum...your card will arrive in a few days time ya :)

Fathiah...kalau nak card free...cubalah join and try your luck :)

Jackie said...

Thank you girl. I will tell write you as soon as I receive the mail.

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