Swap cards!

A few weeks ago my fellow quilled artist Asma' from Simple Rhyme and I thought that it would be a great idea if we could swap cards with each other. She was so interested in my quilled roses handmade pop up card and she would love to own it one day. Then thought to myself....hmmm....why not we just swap cards??? This way, we both get to own each others handmade creations. And I would love to own one of her quilled cards too!! So swapping cards with each other would be a great idea! 

I've never swap cards with a Malaysian card designer before so this is pretty thrilling! Plus I didn't even know what her card would looked like before we decided to do this swap. I only knew what it looked like last week. You have no idea how excited I was when I saw it for the first time! So happy!!!! :) It's beautiful!!! And it's the only one in the world!! How cool is that??? Specially made for me from the talented Miss Asma'. :) I bet a lot of people didn't know this, but this young lady quilled those beautiful flowers and leaves using her bare hands!!!! No quilling tools at all were used during the process. Imagine that?? I've tried to quill before without using a quilling tool and believe me, it's NOT EASY! So I really respect the fact that she managed to quill those flowers and leaves and lots more quilled patterns without using any quilling tool. Pretty special don't you think?? I sure do think so! :)

I received this card this morning!!! Super thrilled to finally receive it and hold it in my own hands. Very precious indeed! I took so many photos of it too hehehehe..... :D. Of course I have no plans to use this card.....I intend to keep it for myself.....hehehe......after all....it's the one and only design that she made  especially for me. So I'm hoping to frame it and hang it in my studio. One thing though......I wished that she had signed the card for me......it would be more special if there was a signature from the artist herself. But I'm still happy though....very very happy! :)

Thank you Asma' for doing this swap with me.....I really appreciate it!!! I haven't posted my card to her yet.....been so busy with Raya orders lately......but will be posting it to her soon enough.... :). Be patient ya Asma' ......hehehhee....... ;).

Do visit her blog and view her quilled cards at SIMPLE RHYME......she's one talented young lady with a big big heart! :) I can't stop smiling now! :) :) :) Wooooooooohoooooooooooo!!!!


Asma' Ahmad said…
oh kak lin! m glad it arrive safely to your house today =D me so happy too at here ^^ tak sabar tunggu kad dari kak lin pulak. tapi as percaya, buah sabar tu sentiasa manis. so, i'll wait forever to recieve the card from you =')

thank you so much jugak sebab sudi jemput as untuk swap card. really enjoy making this card since this is a new activity for me instead of jual-beli :P first time buat kad penuh {tak simple} tak mcm selalu, n ms pos tu pun kan, as pn br teringat, as rushing sgt smpai tak tinggalkan any note card or signature along with it :( huhu~ tapi kat kotak dia ada sign as kan? hehehehehe :P

lastly, the thing that i felt more grateful is knowing you. tak terganti dlm hidup ni. as rs sgt bertuah =') xoxo!
Awwwwww....I'm speechless! :)

I'm glad we decided to do this after all. It's a good thing :)

I'm grateful to have known you too! Hope to meet you in person one day!


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