Quilled heart pattern...


I can't help it! heheeh! I just had to do this! I just love to do this quilled heart card! ;) It has become one of my favourite design since I started quilling. Although it looks pretty simple, but it is actually quite time consuming. But because it's a small card, it does not take as long as making a quilled heart on a half A4 size card. I like it coz it's small and cute and straight to the point. No fancy stuff on it.....it's just paper...lots and lots of quilled paper formed into the shape of a heart.

I've done this design before on the V025 card except that the color combination is different there. I've already sold that one to a customer of mine. It's definitely one of a kind because, in this kind of design, there will never be one that is exactly the same. Because the shapes of the quilled paper in the heart are different and so is the arrangement, therefore making each card very special. :)

When I started to do this purple quilled heart, I forgot to do the outline of the form first....I just kept adding the quilled paper on the card one by one until it looks like a heart. But as you can see, the form is a little crooked on the sides of the heart......it doesn't look perfect....but I love it all the same. I've figured out how to make it look better the next time I do this and in fact I've already made one more similar design but with different tones of colors. I love it coz this way I can mix and match several colors into one shape or form.

This note card is blank on the inside, but has a soft purple color paper inserted inside for writing your personal wishes. If anyone is interested in purchasing this one of a kind heart quilled heart, do let me know. First come first serve basis! ;)


Asma' Ahmad said…
kaler dia lawa la kak lin.. suke bile ada aqua tu.. hikhik.. plus.. your writing sgt classic!!! tak payah guna printer, da nampak perfect! ^__^
fatten said…
i like it..!!! so sweet...
As...thank you so much!!! hehehe...cantik ke tulisan akak?? wahhh kembang semangkuk laaa akak hari nih ekekekeke.....

Fatten....thank you so much!! :)

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