Pop up Chef!


I've never made a good luck card yet.....so this is my first one to be added in my card collection. This was a request from a friend of mine. Actually I had stopped taking custom made orders. But just this one time only I'm taking it, and no more after this. My brain just cannot tolerate it hahahahha. Yup....ideas are not coming out as much as they should and I worry that it might not come up to my customer's expectations. Therefore I prefer to just make designs where I can freely do whatever I want to do. 

In this design, I had to make a pop up Chef.......the person receiving this card is a Chef....he is going to an interview at Unilever.....and is asked to do 10 types of meals that mainly consists of pizzas and burgers within 1 hour and 30 minutes. That's why there are images of pizzas and burgers on the card and inside the card, plus the Unilever logo and 1.5 hours wording hehehehehe.....actually I didn't really know how to arrange them inside the card. So I just simply put them where I thought was appropriate. I wish I could have done a better job....unfortunately my brain is not functioning properly these days. LOL!

At first I wanted to make the pizzas and the burgers from scratch, but I realise that it will take so much of time and not sure if it will look nice. So I looked for images of pizzas and burgers online and printed them. Then I glued them on pieces of foam to give it some dimension. I really love that effect. Looking at those pizzas and burgers really makes me hungry! I haven't eaten pizzas for quite a while now...makes me wanna go get some soon! LOL!


Allycat said…
Cute card Lin, very appropriate to the request. I like the little note inside about extra cheese.xx
Very well done and creative! I am sure your customer was very happy.

Now to stick to your guns of taking a bit of time off from custom orders.

in the future you might consider limiting custom orders to the first 3-5 people who request them in a particular month. This way in the future when you feel restored you can offer some custom made cards but at a toned down level.

Another though, do not stress about these give aways. Keep them nice yet maybe a little more simple as the months go on...maybe no more pop ups. For instance those spiral rose cards for June would have been very lovely without the pop ups. It might help your stress level a bit. Your work is great and you are very talented so I hate to see you are burnt out.
Shanti....thanks! I like the little note insde the card too! :)

Christina....thank you so much dear! I'll remember that...I know I must always stick to my guns no matter what. I love your idea on the giveaway....and yes pop ups can be quite a handful for me to handle in months to come since I have to be making more and more prizes soon in my future giveaways. I'm thinking of taking custom made orders perhaps next year. I just want to take a break from it till end of the year. :)

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