My first quilled owl card!


A great pal of mine, CC, from US ordered a few owl cards from me last year. I have already posted to her some of them and I still owe her a few more. She ordered from me this owl card design, HB017 which she adores so much. So I made those for her but left the inside blank as she requested coz she wanted to write her own personal wishes inside. The cards are meant to be given to her family....and the owl is their family totem. Cool huh? My family don't have a totem.....if we had one...I wonder what would it be? hehehe!

She suggested that I make a variety of designs for the owl cards.....not just one particular design for her....or maybe use the same design but change the colors. I liked the idea! So, after posting her some of the order, I decided to make other owl card designs for her. I thought of making the owl cards using the quilling technique. I'm so glad that she loved the idea! At the time I didn't even know how to go about it as I have never done an owl before using the quilling technique. So I made some research online to see if there were any quilled owl designs that I can try out. But most of the designs are so complicated to do and  is so time consuming to make them. The easier ones I found are just too simple and were not to my liking. In the end, I decided to designed my own quilled owl.....quite a simple one as well but took me quite some time to get it just the right shape that I love. It was fun though to try out so many shapes and sizes of quilled owls....I love experimenting with the shapes. :)

I was also confused with the color combination......I just didn't know what color to use. So in the end I tried the brown with black combination first. And I loved it! As you can see, this layout is almost the same as HB017 except there are no pine leaves around it and the owl is quite small in size. I used a much good quality paper as the base of the card, a metallic bronze paper which I love. I like to keep  the layout ribbons or glitters or sequins or anything for that matter........just paper and those cute wobbly eyes that my other great pal, Sandi, gave me! hehehe! Love them! At last, I've found another design where I can use those cute wobbly eyes hehehe! I've already made other quilled owls in other color combination......and I will publish them here soon for all to see! :)


Amanda Eltiqaz said…
Wii~ buat la watak katun lak ^^
FiqaSaleh said… ur work.. sy suke gak kerj2 seni i ada penyakit malas ni lah yg susah sikit.. :D hehe
good work..
Ann Martin said…
Very cute design! He looks like he's about to take flight. I love experimenting when it comes to quilling too.
Dewi Batrishya said…
'My first time of hearing this quilling method. ^^
Its interesting..
I love what you did previously..
The love quilling.. Its gorgeous. ^^
CC said…
Hi, Sweetie!
I LOVE this cute owl! Is he alot of work!??? I hope you don't do too much more for me! You have so much going right now! But I sure can't wait to see him!
Love you!
P.S. I used wiggly eyes in a gourd class today! :D
Anonymous said…
very nice, if you like watch my blog.
This is really cute! Very well done on your own!

Wait till you see my quilled dolphins I made for a custom order for an anniversary card. I have them jumping out of crimped wavy water with little splashes around them. They turned out great for me never having made dolphins before. I think the card will be posted within the next week.
Maneka said…
Hey.. nice one...!! see u r experimenting with quilling.. great..!! Since u have the paper shredder it's not hard to cut stripes... and u can start just right away... !! good luck!!

Chami from chamicrafts
Amanda Eltiqaz said…
kak lin, i give an award as an appreciation of ur lovely work ^^

> You're my inspiration
Mah@mahu said…
nice cool hand make i like very much...
wow...sgt cantik n kemas. So creative... keep it up!!
Cards by Cheryl said…
your owls are so cute and the squiggly eyes look great too.

Love your work
Amanda...buat katun? hehehe...nanti akak experiment buat katun lak...insyaallah ye! TQ!

Fiqa...thank you..I really appreciate it! that you mentioned does look like it's gonna take flight! LOL! I didn't realise it earlier hehehe!TQ!

Dewi...thank you! I love the quilled hearts personal favourite actually! worries's not that difficult to make! Will post the cards to you once they are ready!

Martina...your quilled cards are gorgeous! TQ for vising me!

Christina...can't wait to see your quilled dolphins!

Chami...thank you so much!

Amanda...thanks for the award...will pick it up soon!

Mahamahu...thank you so much!

BestFriendmade it....thank you so much! I love your pop up cards too!

Cheryl....thank you so much! I love those plastic eyes too! Love your work as well!

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