Paper quilled roses.....

More quilling experiments today! Yay! hehehehe! Today I tried my hand at quilling roses. I tried doing it by just following instructions I see on quilling websites but somehow it didn't turn out right. I wasn't sure what I did matter how many times I did it, I couldn't make it look like  the quilling roses I saw online.  But since I'm so determined to find out how to do I kept googling more about it.  

Finally I found help in Youtube ...... I searched in Youtube for video tutorials on how to make quilled roses.....and luckily there was one that I find quite easy to understand and it was the exact type of rose pattern I was looking for. There were many types of tutorials on how to roses....but there was one particular video that I love the most. So, after several trials....I managed to get it right! I am so happy about it hhehehe! Now I know what I did wrong....hehehe.....LOL!


paylin said…
Hi Azlina ....
u have done a great job on this quilling techique .... well done
have a great weekend
fadzni & azilah said…
Kak Lin, cantik!! Lagi cantik dari youtube nye :) saya pun tgh try2 buat flower paper based on online tutorial..tapi yg simpler version..

Azlina Abdul said…
Paylin....thank you so much! You have a great weekend too ya! :)

Azilah...thank you so much!hehehe! All the best with your paper flower...hope to see it soon in your blog! :)
Aisyah Helga said…
Hi Lin! You won an award. Pls come over to my blog to receive it!
Azlina Abdul said…
Owh??!!! Oh my goodness! Thank you Aisyah!!! Will pick it up soon! Thanks again!!
Hey, i love these cute flowers! You're a pro! Great job!
Hmm..will the flowers be flattened during delivery?
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Evelyn....hey...I'm not a pro yet laaa still struggling with it....quite slow...trying to speed up a little though hehehe....
Well...I did experiment...I smashed the flowers with my hand and it did not flatten...hehehe....because I use a thick paper. When posting, I make sure that I cover the card with a thick paper to protect it from any damage during delivery.
cpeep said…
These are beautiful! I love all the quilling you've been doing.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting
Azlina Abdul said…
Carol...thank you so much...I'm addicted to it already hehehe :)
When you make them this way, do you erase the pencil lines before you start curling it?

I am trying to learn this technique as well.

Well dear, I only use pencil during my first try at coiling the paper roses. I found it very difficult to erase the pencil lines before coiling it. So, after the first try, I never used pencil again. I just simply cut using the scallop scissors around the round paper, free hand. :)
butique4u said…
well done! great job! wanna try it after i buy the scallop scissors :)
idea semulajadi said…
thanks 4 d tutorial, i almost fedup making this roses~

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