Shopaholic theme...


A shopaholic theme! First time for me to do this. I was given the freedom to design it however I want to with this card. So I was thinking of doing something colorful and cheerful. I made all the decorations with all sorts of rainbow hehehe. 

The decorations on the card were hand drawn and hand cut. It was pretty difficult to cut the high heel shoes....I cut it using a very sharp craft knife. That's a first time for me to do that. I love making the handbags though :) The pop up of the shopaholic girl was fun to make. I made her wear a bootcut jeans and a pearly white blouse and pink inner. It's something that a lot of young girls love to wear these days. I did some research online to get some ideas and I saw a few photos of shopaholic holding shopping that's why I made her holding those bags to show that she had done a lot of shopping :) Hope she likes it!


ReeN said…
CanTiknyer.....u one creative women Lin!!!
Azlina Abdul said…
:) Thank you Reen!! Appreciate it dear!
Aisyah Helga said…
Very nice and creative. Have you seen the pop-up card on Martha Stewart Show? I think you can do that,too.
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Aisyah! Yes I have seen them...they are gorgeous....God willing I will make them too one day hehehehe....thanks!!!

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