Bridal theme....






I received an order to design 5 congratulations cards from a fellow blogger who had recently done a blog award at her wedding theme blog. It's a very interesting blog that is dedicated to future brides. They provide all the information a bride would need to know and prepare them with all the great tips too on how to plan for that perfect wedding. All the information that a bride could ever need at just a click away :). Cool huh?? :) You can view it HERE.

She requested the cards to have a simple design with a bridal theme since the blog awards are for wedding theme bloggers. As I have designed cards for her before and I know that she loves pastel colors, so that's why I designed all the cards using soft pastel colors. Soft and sweet! :) The wedding dress, I designed using a combination of doily paper and soft pastel colored paper which I then decorated with sequin and ribbon as the belt. Then I added the silver dots to make it look like it has bling bling on it ehehehe.....

I used a lot of silver ribbons on the designs because that silver ribbons never fail to make it look fancy :). It just adds that special touch to it without having to do much decoration to the card. As you can see, it's a very simple design. Clean and simple and sweet. :)


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