Love is in the air! ;)


Love is in the air people!!! Yup! It sure is! ;) I love this card, even though it looks so simple. But in reality it's not as simple to make as it looks. There is something about it that's kinda complicated to do. Can you guess what it is? hehehe! Well, it's those teeny tiny heart shapes that I had to arrange one by one and make it look like they are flying away from the pink foam heart shape balloons. That was really time consuming, especially since the size was so small....imagine how difficult it was to glue it on the card :). Yes indeed, it was a tough job! But someone had to do it! LOL! :D

This card is also a request from a regular customer of mine. She did gave me a lot of time to finish this and I appreciate it very much as I don't have a lot of time to do custom made orders these days. Another thing that is special about this card is the "bling bling" that was added to the pink foam heart shapes to give it that special touch. It was her idea to add them on the card. I just had to figure out how to do that hehehe....I didn't have much of bling bling in stock, those you see on the card was all I had available with me. LOL! I need to get more soon, if I can find it here in Alor Setar. Hopefully they are available here.

The card is half the size of an A4 paper and comes with a matching soft pink envelope that I adore because of the heart shape and cloud design at the back of the envelope. It think it's cute! hehehe! LOL! I wish I could show you guys the design I did on the inside of the card but I can't because there is a private message for the receiver from my customer inside it. So unfortunately I can't share that to the world....huhuhu...sorry guys! :( Anyways, what I can tell you is that there are wordings inside it that says, "Love is in the air"... :)


Suberb.. mazing and really cool
I love it sooo much and you make my day brither! Thanks alottttttttttttsssssssssss LIN. LOVE you!

LOve is in the air :) LOL
Azlina Abdul said…
You are most welcome dear! Love you too! Thanks again Anis hehehe :)

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