Blue heart button and sequin card.....the finale...

V015b (with pop up hearts)

V015a (with pop up hearts)
Finally! It's done! thing I forgot to do is the envelope!! But it's ok.....that one I can do later hehehe......I'm excited to upload these photos first....the envelopes can wait hehehe.....

At first I was contented to leave the heart shape buttons and sequins card as it is without any laces or extra embellishments added to it.....then when my Mom saw it, she told me that it would look a lot better with some borders around the heart.....huh??? BORDERS????? HOW???? Well, she couldn't answer.....but all she said that something is missing to this design and I should figure it out myself! LOL! So here is what I came up with.....and she was pretty happy about it, especially with the one with the laces at the top and bottom of the card. I also added the pop up heart shapes inside the card. I had a hard time figuring out what color would match.....I didn't have a lot of colored paper that would be I just used what was available. :) Loving it so far! hehehe!


Pre-Loved LISTa said…
which n which are the ones for sale?
is this card for sale?
its very lovely!! may i know howmuch
Azlina Abdul said…
Pre-Loved Lista, all the cards are for sale.I have replied your inquiries...please check your mail...thanks!

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