Mosque.... pink + brown

HR008 (vertical)

HR009 (horizontal)

HR008 & HR009

I made something similar to the Raya cards I made recently.....the cards you see here are in my opinion is more suitable to be given to the ladies because of the color combination :). There is pink and brown and some white and it! Sweet! hehe...

If you look closely at the crescent moon, I made it using white foam and decorate it with some silver glitters! The cards are the same size as the Raya cards I made before, which is 10.4cm x 14.7cm. The cards come with a matching soft pink handmade envelope. The inside of the card has a beige colored paper inserted on the inside for writing in personal wishes. :)


aZeeMaH said…
cantikk sgt....brape hengget ek?
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks ;) RM5.00 jer...

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