Sending you all my love...

Colorful hearts popping up! :)


All my loving.....I will send to you..... :) I had The Beatles song in my head when I was thinking of a new Valentine Day card to design today. I just love that song! I must say that this design is another one of those designs that tested my patience! hehehehe! Probably because I had a lot of heart shapes to draw and cut out one piece at a time....and that was just the beginning! Then I had to paste them on the card and make sure that the arrangement look good. Sometimes I just don't know why I do these things.....but I was in the mood to do it at the time, so I did it! :D

As you can see here, I used a red foam which I have cut out in the shape of a heart....4 pieces of it which I pasted on the card around the wordings. And then I decorated it with some silver glitters.....I just love doing that! Love the sparkling effect!

I also made my first pop up heart inside the card! Yay! And I decorate it with lots of colorful hearts on it.....that was fun to do! :) I made sure the pop up heart is popped up at the top of the card so that there is enough space below it to write personal wordings too. I also made a soft pink handmade envelope to match the card.....and I added a layered heart behind it :)


~aimi syairah~ said…
this is nice too!..i wish i have someone to send this..huhu
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Aimi.. :) I wish I have someone to send this too!! hehehe! LOL!
CC said…
Well, I have someone to send it to, but I don't have it now! LOL! Seriously, I just went thru' your updated blog & I must say how talented you truly are! So many different & fun designs! And so well made! I am VERY proud of you! I LOVE it all!
Warmest aloha,
Azlina Abdul said…
LOL! CC you are just the sweetest sis anyone could ever have...thank you dear..for your support and everything!!

Hugs to you!!
teen said…
love this
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Teen! :)

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