Embossed look....

I have been spinning my head trying to figure out an idea for this design hehehe......what happened was that I bought this really pretty paper.....a white paper with embossed vines on it....at least I think it's vines hehehe.....swirling vines.....the paper itself was already pretty....so I pretty much didn't know what to do with it....oh dear! So one day it just came to me....why not just add on some flowers to the vines...flowers of the same colour as the paper to add on some more embossed look to the paper....just to make it different! And since the decorations on the card was already full, I just tied to it a soft pink organza ribbon with a "Baby Girl" tag to it to complete the design.....and I love it! Finally I managed to make a card using this paper! Yippee! LOL!



Grace to You said…
So sweet - I love the simplicity of this design.
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Sandi.....I love it too! Fast and easy to do! :)

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