Monday, November 19, 2007

A birthday cupcake

This card comes with a matching red handmade envelope.
This view shows the inside of the card, with the beige color paper insert.

I am pretty excited about this cupcake card. It's my first attempt at making cards using cupcake as a subject. I love using the gold glitters on the icing of the much fun doing that! And a cherry on top with a birthday wish stuck in the cupcake! :) More cupcake cards to come soon! :)
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ku E said...

owh!!!... this will be great, along with my cupcakes ;)

what say you ladies of OLD club?

Azlina Abdul said...

:) yup ku e! That would be great if people were to give cupcake motif cards along with the delicious cupcakes for their loved ones!! Pretty nice combination right? Well, it's an idea worth considering hehehe...

gabriela luna said...

This is sooo yummy!!!
and lovely.

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