Blue I'm blue....

Closer details of the flower sequins and beads that is sewn on the paper


Oh dear! There I was stuck with the "dancing flowers" arrangement again! I just don't know why I do it but they seem to keep wanting to be that way again and again in my head...and so it applies on paper. Only this time the flowers are a bit different than the ones I've used's totally flat and the other one is just a round shaped tiny sequin that I applied dots around it to form a flower. The edges of the card is different too. I'm also currently working on another 2 more designs. One is similar to this one but the sequins are a bit different, but still the flowers are dancing :D. I was listening to Julio Iglesias as I was making them lalalaaa..:D The card comes with a matching handmade peach coloured envelope and is left blank on the inside for writing on personal wishes. :)


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